• Perfect Hydration Bladder – Staying hydrated is very important. A Hydration pack is a very nice alternative, you don’t have to constantly stop to take out your water bottle, buy good quality that is leakproof, having a wet backpack and no water is a terrible experience (yes it happened to me)
  • Swiss knife We always take it with on hikes, road trip and just traveling. Usually it’s difficult to find a sharp knife in tea houses, we always used our Swiss knife for cutting, opening cans as well as for opening packs slicing when having lunch on the way. Note! Don’t forget if you fly only with hand luggage no knives will be allowed.

  • Take a notebook in case you want to make some notes, right down names of places.
  • Travel wet wipes are very handy if it is to cold (or expensive) to shower, we have been sitting in our tent ‘washing’ with these on countless hikes, a must on your EBC packing list.
  • Hand cleaner easier than finding a tap and soap to wash your hands if you want to eat.

Gadgets and devices

It’s all up to you to decide whether to make your backpack heavier by packing a big camera with lenses or keep it light and take photos with a phone or maybe pack a GoPro for taking videos. 

You have to pay to charge electronics at the tea houses. Charge your phone, kindle, Go Pro any USB device with a portable charger. Luxtude 13400mAh Waterproof Portable Charger


Even without reception an awesome all in one device; taking photos and videos, listening music or audio books, alarm etc. Don’t know about you but we prefer Samsung over iPhone. I recently bought a new phone Samsung Galaxy S9 and quite happy with it.


If you still don’t trust the quality of your phone photos take a digital camera like Olympus OM-D, it takes good photos and ok video, plus it is small and light. We always take our Canon 80D with but the only reason we do it because we’re bloggers if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t even consider of taking this big camera with two lenses.


Another cool and small thing that will help to capture your trek. We just bought a new GoPro Hero 6 and are quite impressed with the quality of the footage though we used it mostly underwater. Even photos are pretty good. If you have a smartphone and a GoPro no need to pack a camera as well. It’s very easy to do editing with free GoPro Quik app just connect the GoPro to your phone and in 10 minutes you’ll get an awesome video with music. Just a couple of months after we bought it they released GoPro Hero7.  If you want a budget alternative check AKASO EK7000 it might be not as great as GoPro but costs less than half.

I am so glad I had a kindle! Awesome to read in bed on acclimatizing days. Was carrying guide books and some books to relax with.

Book suggestions, buy the ebooks to take them with you on your kindle!

Lonely Planet Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya (Travel Guide)