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The Fishermen’s Trail, Rota Vicentina – detailed guide & itinerary

The Fishermen’s Trail in the south of Portugal is a part of the Rota Vicentina hiking routes. The trail follows the coast line and offers breathtaking scenery; rugged cliffs, pristine beaches and crystal clear water, it’s a perfect route for those who likes the sea...

5 of the Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona You NEED to Visit

Where are the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona? We’re glad you asked! Spain and Tapas are as synonymous as Italy and pasta. It’s like a national dish, only better. Better because it’s not just one single dish, but rather a collection of the best food Spain has to...

Understanding Ramadan in Morocco

The sun dips down in the sky disappearing into the Atlantic Ocean. I seldom have watched a sunset so intently; waiting, waiting, waiting for that last little sliver to disappear. So much rested on that last sliver. My gaze moved from the sliver of sun to the...

Sunny Days In St Pete Beach, Florida…

The next day in St Pete started off nice and slow. We’d spent the last few days traipsing across Clearwater and St Pete (including the natural beauty that is Caladesi Island) almost non-stop, that I realised we hadn’t even taken a moment to enjoy some of what this...

10 of the Best Boutique Hotels in Madrid – Explore Spain in Style

If you’re on the lookout for some fantastic Madrid hotels then you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best boutique hotels in Madrid to give you one less thing to do, so you can focus on exploring the city. Madrid sees hundreds of thousands of...

The Best Tokyo Hostels – Japan on a Budget

Looking for the best hostels in Tokyo, Japan? We’ve got you covered! Tokyo is one of the world’s most fascinating and exciting cities, perfectly balancing a respect for tradition with being at the forefront of futurism. As the largest city in the world, Tokyo can be...

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